New Music! Listen to @RealJRDonato #BigBusiness ft. @WizKhalifa Prod. by @TheRealrickyP

“Fresh off heading on tour with 2017 XXL Freshman Kap G, Taylor Gang’s own J.R. Donato pulls up with “Big Business,” the Wiz Khalifa-assisted first single from his FWTDK EP (Fear What They Don’t Know), which is the follow-up to last fall’s Why So Serious? mixtape. Check it out for yourself below.
“Big Business” finds J.R. and Wiz throwing around casual boasts as they plot on how to become bigger and better than ever. J.R. says he chose the track to be his first single because it has a vibe that differentiates it from other tracks on his new EP.
“I chose ‘Big Business’ for a single because it has its own vibe compared to the other tracks on the project. And that’s what music is about now. Creating vibes. People will love this song and the FWTDK project,” J.R. tells XXL.
With an easy-going, but active instrumental and references to Khalifa Kush—Wiz’s signature marijuana brand—”Big Business” has a distinctly Taylor Gang feel to it. J.R. says he knew he needed Wiz on the track from the jump.

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