Listen to Gucci ft. Ty Dolla $ign New Song #Enormous Prod. by TM88

Listen to it here:

“Gucci Mane and Ty Dolla $ign deliver ‘Enormous’ ahead of ‘Mr. Davis’.
Ty Dolla $ign has been kinda low-key killing the leaks ahead of his album Beach House 3. I say low-key because his name isn’t necessarily ‘everywhere,’ and it seems like this roll-out has been a low-profile one for him, he’s not out here doing a ton of press or getting himself involved in some publicity stunt to further the album. Still, he’s released a series of strong, r’n’b songs that aren’t playing up to any trend or cliche. He’s bringing it back to the roots, stripping things back for a minute. Similarly, for the hook on Gucci Mane’s new record, “Enormous,” he keeps his vocals simple yet effective — we’re not hearing the lingering (or overt) effects of auto-tune, just a raw voice he uses with melodic fervor, alongside the slowly creeping beat.

That creeping production, which is defined by the stuttered production of a guitar string, is handled by a trio of ATL mainstays, Rex Kudo, OG Parker and TM88. It’s on the softer side for Gucci, less trap and more r’n’b, but he handles it masterfully as well, rapping about how all the ways he’ll spoil his girl — and himself, for that matter.”

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